Valentines Day! <3

A dedicated holiday to go out and buy flowers and chocolates for your significant other. Is that really what Valentines Day is about? Shouldn’t you be showing your significant other the love & affection everyday not just this one day out of the whole year?

Now, I am sure that as you read this you’re thinking… “Oh who is she, she’s probably single AF” or you think I am this girl who hates love all together. NOPE! I have been dating my boyfriend for the past 4 years and I am very much happily in love.

However, I do believe that this is a day to reminisce on the love you and your significant other share. To be able to spend the day with them and just be in awe with each other like the first day the two of you shared your first “I love yous”.  Today of all days is a way to reconnect because let’s be real – we all have our routine such as work, gym, school, house chores – whatever it may be sometimes we tend to “forget” to show your significant other the love that you have for them.

So, instead of indulging on this consumer holiday; take a step back and appreciate the love that you have with your significant other! When you go on your date with your significant other remember to share the memories, laughs and good vibes with one another.

….and ladies, if you need any inspiration for what to wear on your date – watch my latest video!

I hope that everyone has a great Valentines Day filled with lots of love <3

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