Nobody is perfect.

Hi there my lovely readers,

Have you ever felt like a failure at something that you know comes naturally to you? Well, I have, plenty of times, but this time it has upset me.

I did a mini photo shoot with one of my girlfriends a couple weeks ago. I thought that the pictures came out really good when I had looked through the view finder right after they were taken. I am sure you can guess what really happened? I came home, uploaded them to my computer and what do you know… the photo’s aren’t in focus and some are blurry. Then I say things to myself like, “What the heck Bianca?” “This should not be happening if you paid close attention to the details” “What’s wrong with you today?” However, we can’t always beat ourselves up over one bad day. We all have bad days, it just means that next time we have to do better. There’s no point in beating yourself up over something that has already happened. The photo’s are taken and we can’t retake them because it wouldn’t be raw. We would be recreating those poses and the smiles wouldn’t be the same, it would be forced. Of course, before I came to this conclusion… I thought to myself how I am not going to post these photo’s anywhere because why would I? It’s not the best quality of photo’s and I KNOW I can do better. Well, you know what? Why should I only show my best work. Nobody is perfect, people make mistakes and learn from them. So I am going to post the photo’s that I took from this shoot; to show you that it’s okay to show the  work you’ve done even if you don’t feel 100% about them. We all have room for improvement and if we’re just showing these perfect pictures then where is there any room to get better?

Overall it was a great day, I got to spend it with my twinster and we had a blast together. We got dressed up in these flowy dresses and pretended as if we were little fairy queens in the forest. It was just what I needed to end a stressful week with school. We went to these set of stairs that we’ve been to previously, but this was in the middle of fall. We went for a dark and twisted theme the last time, so this time we wanted to do something different which is why we went for the fairy-like theme.  Enjoy the photo’s from this shoot. 🙂

“Failure is a stepping stone to success. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change.”





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