Newton; paper topic

** I wrote this post last semester when I was writing a research paper on Newton. **

What the heck was I thinking?! I have no idea what or how to even begin this research paper on… and it’s due Thursday. WOW. I set a goal to have an outline due back in February… yep that didn’t happen. So now I am here freaking out, what do I do want to blog instead.

Blogging just comes easy to me, it’s easy to write about a topic that interests you and I think that’s why I chose Isaac Newton because it’s a topic I wouldn’t see myself writing about. I am learning a new person that I do not particularly know much about other than the three laws of motion.  I would rather just sit here and blog about some random thing that has nothing to do with anything and who knows if anyone even reads it; but it makes me happy.

Just spilling out what goes on in my head on my blog, it’s so much easier than doing the research on a topic I know nothing about. But that’s what has to stop, I have to challenge myself more. I have to write about Newton because I want to learn about him, because I want a good grade in the class, because I want to be smarter than I am right now. Challenging yourself is something that is beneficial to you, learning more than you already know. People think because they’ve got this bachelors degree in whatever they chose to go to school in that they’re finished. WRONG. If you don’t challenge yourself to learn more you’re have the same knowledge today as you did yesterday. And that’s something that I have to think about each time I don’t want to do homework, a paper, study for a quiz/test or read a chapter that’s due the next class.

So from now on, that’s what I am going to do. I am going to look at studying and doing homework with more optimism. And I think that everyone should do this as well. Don’t think of your homework as something you don’t want to do, think of it as you’re getting smarter, gaining more knowledge in that noggin of yours 🙂

I apologize to people who actually read this I just hope that someone got some inspiration out of it 😉

Sincerely, Bianca

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