I know it’s been a long time without any posts, but I swear life gets busier and busier by the minute! Something that I just want to chat about; I recently had the pleasure to take my first new born photographs about three weeks ago & also got to do another family photo shoot. I am very pleased with how they came out!



I know there not the bessst, but I am very proud of how they came out! I just have trouble saving them to a specific file so that I can upload them onto a website. Does anyone have any advice for me?



After these two photo shoots of clients, my boyfriend was amazing enough to purchase a new lens for me!! It’s a 50mm Canon 1.4 Lens. I absolutely love it!!! I am still itching to use it on a client, but I have been using it around the house and practicing out and about with one of my best friends.



Thank you to my boyfriend and best friend for letting me take your photo’s for fun! 🙂

I hope that everyone has an awesome day!! 🙂


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