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Hi everyone! I have a good friend of mine, new-ish to makeup. We hung out the other day and she asked me what my daily routine for makeup is. I gave her the run down and she said that I should give tips because I do it so well. I was thinking of making an updated makeup routine video, which I might still do. But I am just super busy with life right now that I don’t have time to find a good spot to sit with good lightening to sit in front of my camera and put makeup on while explaining each item. SO for now, I am going to explain it though my blog!

I am by no means a professional cosmetologist, I just want to give a few tips to those wanting to start using makeup!

Let’s give a little back story, when I was younger I never really put makeup on, in high school I would just wear mascara. I never dared to touch foundation, concealer or cover up, I was too afraid I would make my skin look orange or not be able to match my skin color.

I started college right after high school and continued with the “just mascara” look, it wasn’t until my second year of college that I started experimenting with makeup. I started to do the eyeliner on the top of my eyelids. Then I started watching YouTube videos and learning how to do my makeup. I started off experimenting at home and just practicing each different step. I started using eye shadows and from there on I just blossomed you could say. It wasn’t until I was about 21 years old when I felt confident enough to go out in public with my makeup on.

I have definitely come a long way in the makeup department and I couldn’t be more proud of myself!


This photo was from when I first started, I was probably 20 years old, not too bad, but I have learned A LOT since then!

Now, these are from my iPhone 4 the quality isn’t the greatest but I had to go back through my IG to find these.


This is an updated photo of my what my makeup looks like.


  1. Before putting makeup on use primer! Just like painting a wall you need to prime the walls before you put the paint on. 🙂 It will make your makeup go on smoother and will also make it last longer.
  2. I personally to do my eyes first because I feel if I have some loose fall out I can easily cover it up. I will prime my eyes first because you want your eye shadow to stay on all day and not crease. There are different ways to put eye shadow on, I lean more towards the smokey eye. In which case make sure that you blend your eye shadow!! You don’t want harsh lines! I remember when I was first starting out I would never blend and it was awful thinking back on it today.
  3. Another tip about the eyes is a way to make them look more open; put nothing or a white liner on your water line. When you use black it makes your eyes look smaller. On occasion if I am going out I will put a darker eye shadow on my water line to make my eyes stand out a little more than normal or I will only do half of my waterline.
  4. When putting on foundation, something I have been using more than my foundation brush is a beauty blender. A beauty blender makes the foundation much smoother and less blotchy or have lines like a foundation brush might do. AND make sure that you put your foundation down your neck, you don’t want it to look like you have a mask on!
  5. Something for me in particular when using concealer is that I use concealer that it a shade lighter than my skin because I have really dark under eye circles and just foundation isn’t enough. I apply it under my eye in a V so that I can blend it all together with my foundation instead of just under my eyes. I want it to all blend together nicely.
  6. Do you want your brows on fleek? Something that I have learned is to use a powder/gel, I have tried a pencil and it just makes it look fake. I want to go for a more natural look and I have noticed that with the powder I can actually fill in my brows where it doesn’t look like I drew them in.
  7. When bronzing/contouring start out lightly and add product to fit your preference. You don’t want to overdo it at first because then you’ll have a lot of blending.
  8. After you’re finished with everything make sure to set your makeup with either setting powder or a setting spray. Depending on what I am doing I will typically just use setting powder unless I am going to be out all night then I will use setting spray.
  9. LASTLY,  just have fun doing it & practice makes perfect! The more that you practice putting makeup on the better you become. I didn’t learn all of this over night it has taken me years to be comfortable with doing makeup.




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