living a minimalist life

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone who are in school right now ace their exams!!

This week has been crazy with papers, assignments, quizzes, reading assignments on top of studying for exams. But since I missed last week I thought I would post something this week.

Yesterday Adam & I were talking about getting an apartment in the near future. We are still unsure about it because essentially you’re throwing away money when you could just stay at home and save for a house. We will get more out of buying a house than renting an apartment because in the end the house will be ours and no money will be wasted. But we want to be more independent and moving into an apartment would help with becoming independent.

As we were talking about the apartment and searching for them online for the surrounding towns around us, we were talking about how we would have to live a minimalist life. It really had me thinking… could I live a minimalist life?

What I am going to do is to try to get rid of things that I don’t really need. The first start is my cellphone bill. I was paying $60.00 for 4 gb of data, that’s ridiculous, I don’t even know why I need that much data. The three main places that I am at are school, work & home all of which have wifi. Even though it’s inconvenient to log into the internet each time I am at school or work, in the end it’s cheaper. So that’s what I did, I lowered my data to 2 gb, the lowest I could get. The money I will be saving overtime will be worth it in the end even if it’s just $18.00 a month.

What do you think… could you live a minimalistic life? Try the challenge with me! 🙂 I am going to try 5 days living a minimalist life — in hopes to continue this life style.

Well that’s it for this week, keep reading for an update on how I try 5 days living a minimalist life!

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