Is IG changing for better or for worse?

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I apologize for those who actually read my blog and are bummed that I didn’t make a post last week. I was crazy busy with school work!

This week’s post is going to be about Instagram. I am sure all of you know about the new Instagram algorithms that are changing starting tomorrow. Apparently your IG feed isn’t going to be in chronological order and will show which photo’s have the most likes. Um, what? Isn’t that’s what the search tab is for and the “explore posts”. To see the posts that have the most likes? I just don’t like where this is going at all. I have had IG for years and years and I used to love seeing posts from my friends, family and celebs it didn’t matter how many likes they had I still liked to see it in chronological order! Now it’s just a popularity contest! If it’s my feed why can’t I choose what I want to see. My style and interests change everyday why should IG be in charge of it.

What is the world coming to? Seriously. IG is a social media platform that is used for artists and creators to express their art and wanting their careers to flourish. It DOESN’T MATTER how many likes you get, how many views you get on a video. I am just so upset by this. Why should only certain pictures show up on my feed that are “popular”? If this happens I will most likely stop using IG. I will not fall into a trap in the way that society thinks.

So not only will I be seeing the “popular posts” starting tomorrow, but today all that I see are posts about “turning on notifications”. What the heck, I love looking at other people’s photo’s seeing where they are traveling too, how they perceive life, whether their child has done something cute, or outfit posts and so forth. Instead I am forced to look at this….


(from IG)

I will look at it in a positive way, and hope that this change will be for the better..but I just feel as though everything is changing into some sort of contest. I understand that if I enjoy looking at someone’s IG I can always look at their page but I also follow a lot of people it’s hard to remember each persons IG name and to search for them daily when I am just used to seeing in chronological order their posts on my own feed!

What do you think?? Do you think it’s going to be for the better or for the worst?

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