What To Wear For An Interview!


Hey all!

I have been pretty busy these past couple of weeks, between picking up shifts at work and interviews! Which has given me an idea for a new blog post and YouTube video, so in today’s post I am going to be talking about my tips to finding the perfect outfit for an interview.

As I was getting ready for my interviews last week I was struggling with what to wear?!

Well, first thing is first.. What job are you applying for? Is it an administrative job? Teacher? Nurse? Baby sitter? Fast food/server? You want to dress like you’ve already got the job. For example, for an administrative job you want to dress more business casual, teacher a little more casual than business, nursing you could wear scrubs however, personally, I would go more dressy, and for fast food/server more casual. All in all you want to dress the part but still look put together!

It’s not as easy as I have mentioned above. Do you change your clothes multiple times because you hated the first outfit that you put on. Then finally going with the first outfit, you know it’s a task finding something to wear especially for an interview. On top of my normal ritual for getting ready, something I was also fighting was the weather! The weather was amazing last week it was practically summer weather – temperatures were in the 70s & 80s. No one wants to wear dressy clothes when it’s boiling hot outdoors – so I improvised!

I had two interviews for a preschool teacher position – both of which offered me a job! On Monday, I had an early morning interview so the weather wasn’t super hot outside. I decided to go with a black skirt (that’s appropriate in length) with a long sleeve button up and some black dressy wedges. With the weather being a little chilly in the morning the long sleeve top was enough to keep me warm.

My second interview was quite the struggle to get ready for as it was scheduled for the afternoon. Well for one thing you don’t want to wear the same outfit twice whether it’s a different place or not, another thing is the weather was 80 degrees out. I have these black dressy shorts (you want to make sure that shorts are appropriate) I put on a t-shirt with a long necklace and some flats. Following up with this interview I had another one on Thursday with the owner.

This day I had another morning interview and it was a little chilly out. I decided to wear black dressy pants, a blue button up quarter length shirt & I threw on a cardigan over it. I also decided to wear those same black dressy wedges.

One thing that I have learned was for the first interview I was a little over dressed but as the week progressed I learned to dress more like a teacher. It’s definitely not a bad thing to be over dressed – it sends a message to others that you care about your appearance. Most times they interviewer isn’t worried about what you’re wearing and more of what you can offer for the place of employment.

I hope that this helped with anyone who are struggling to find an outfit to wear for an interview!

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