How long does it take to accomplish a dream?

Hi everyone!!

I came across this image from Tumblr, so I re-posted it to my IG account because it really hit home for me.


I need to remind myself of this quote daily because I am constantly putting myself down. I remind myself of the fact that I am 24 years old and I still haven’t earned my bachelors degree let alone a masters degree (which is what I want).  But I am now in the first semester of  my senior year and I couldn’t be any happier, all of the time I have spent with school and the tough obstacles I have had to overcome has only made me a stronger person. In the end, I have to remember that there is no time limit for dream to come true just that you get there!

If you want something bad enough you will get there!! 

Even though I will be 26 when I get my bachelors degree, it’s still an accomplishment that I will be able to check off my bucket list. I am going to continue on to grad school, whether it’s right after I get my degree or a year or two later that’s okay, as long as I get there that’s all that matters. I have to keep pushing forward and to become a better version of myself, not to compare myself to what others have accomplished.

So remember everyone, that when you’re struggling to get to your dream goal, don’t forget what you’re working for and that there is no time limit; just keep moving forward!

I hope that this inspires you in one way or another 🙂


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