House update!

Hey all!

I know I mentioned about a month ago that Adam and I were trying to buy a house – well the time has come! When I first wrote the post we were still in the stages of learning all the lingo needed and getting more information needed to officially get down to signing for a loan. On Sunday we submitted the application for a LOAN, that’s not the offer on a house or closing on a house. Most people that I have told that we’re signing the pre-approval stage of getting a loan the next question that comes out of their mouth is…. “What’s the house look like?”

You need to get pre approved for a loan first before even considering putting in an offer for a house (unless you’re a millionaire and have tons of money). Well, on Monday we met with the lender and she gave us different scenarios with different prices of potential houses to see what a monthly mortgage will look like and if we had anymore questions we ask the lender. The next day we got our approval letter!!

Now we can start looking and putting offers in! We went onto and started searching – we found a house that looked beautiful and jumped on it. We were able to view the house the next day! We viewed the house and were close to signing an offer… until we really thought about it. We weren’t as in love with the house as we thought we were. One thing in particular was that the yard was really too small, especially with Enzo being so big he needs a place to run and play! Needless to say we learned some lessons this day.

  1. Pictures are deceiving: The yard looked bigger than it really was.
  2. Think more logical: Don’t sign on something that’s a HUGE deal if you’re not 100% in love with it.
  3. Patience: When the time is right the perfect house will come.

With all of that being said, we have looked at another house today (Thursday) and we absolutely love it; we put our offer in. I will be making another video/post about this…. so stay tuned to hear the rest!!

I think I am going to start a Buying a House Series on my Youtube channel! Check it out! 😉

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