Finding old photographs!

Hey all!

I have been trying to update my photography portfolio – to apply for a couple of jobs. I made another tab in my website called landscape/other, of photos that I have taken while out and about or traveling to different places. While looking through my hard drive for old photos I stumbled across some from 2013 and fell in love. Sometimes when I take photos and look back at them the day that I have taken them, I hate them. I find something that I dislike about it and I never upload them. I am my worst critic! Do you ever feel that way towards something?

I am pretty sure that I have made a post in the past about something similar, but after viewing the photos after years of not seeing them and loving them is such a great feeling.

Here are a couple photos and things that I have learned with each photo!

Botanical Gardens, Montreal, Canada. When I looked at it almost 3 years ago, I disliked it so much. I hated how it was cloudy and how the sky is white – I wanted it to be blue! But after touching it up and looking at it from a different perspective I love it! The depth perception with the branches on the left even before I knew what I was doing is great.

Peterborough, N.H. This photo was taken just to test out my zoom lens – it wasn’t supposed to amount to anything but after seeing it again I love it! The branches causing the black in the photo as well as the sky turning pinkish because the sun was setting on the other side is beautiful. Plus the zoom on my lens is amazing!! Which is always a plus. 😀

Nortre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Canada. This photo took forever for me to take because of lighting. I was having so much trouble figuring out lighting because it was so dark inside the church. A lot of the photos that I took from this day are super blurry because I honestly didn’t know what I was doing, but I am glad I was able to capture one good one! The other issue is the three people that are in frame. I tried to crop them out but the photo looks silly! Such an amazing photo – probably my favorite one I have ever taken.

New Hampshire. I can’t remember for the life of me where this house is located – my best friend showed me it. This was during our random searches for creepy buildings to snap photos of. My first thoughts with this photo – awful. It was yet another one of those cloudy days where it just meshes together with the white building. However, the abandoned building and the no trespassing signs makes the whole photo unique, regardless of the fact that it was a cloudy day.

Boston, M.A. During the Duck Boat Tour that Adam and I went on during this summer and to be honest, this picture was taken with my Canon G7x! That my friends is why lighting is CRUCIAL when taking a photo. It’s not necessarily about having the MOST expensive camera. One thing that I have learned is that I need to practice more with lighting, I used to think that I needed these amazing cameras in order to capture the best photograph but it’s not the case here!

Mount Monadnock, Jaffrey N.H. This was during our sunrise hike this past summer. It was such an amazing experience and I highly suggest to anyone to take a hike up a mountain to watch the sunrise! It’s absolutely beautiful! When I originally saw the photo I was like blahhhh now that I have looked at it again it’s cool! The sky with the different tree lines in the background and seeing how small Moryah looks on top of the mountain. This definitely puts things into perspective when taking photos of things!

Jaffrey, N.H. As you can see my best friend and I love taking photos in small towns, you would be surprised what beauty you can find just wandering around these small towns. Which is something that we have realized until recently! It’s not about going far away it’s just about having fun together and being able to capture beautiful photos. For instance, this photo… which I am pretty sure I took just to check lighting before snapping a photo of Moryah – the depth in this photo is amazing! The stakes in the ground and the wired fence being in focus but still being able to see the tree and branches before getting to the background which is the tree line; just amazing! A photo that was to taken to check lighting ended up being one of my favorites from this shoot. 🙂

A bit of a different post from my usual posts but I hope that others got some inspiration from this!

I hope that everyone has a great day!

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