As most know I graduated in May with my bachelors of science in psychology!

Well, here’s my post graduation post. πŸ˜‰ I touched on this briefly on instagram post (if you’re not following me you totally should!) but I will be talking about it in more detail here. There is also a video on my Youtube channel.

It’s taken me almost seven years to earn my bachelors of science degree. When I graduated high school and my mom asked if I wanted to become a doctor I said “Heck no, that’s too much schooling.” Fast forward to now… I guess I could have become a doctor. The purpose of this blog post is not meant to be about regretting anything that I have done. It’s purpose is to inspire those around me; to show that yes, you can do anything that you put your mind to.

A little back story! Warning: this will get personal!

When I originally wanted to transfer from a community college to university, the plan was to become a Physicians Assistant. I wasn’t in the right mind set going into this whole thing. Getting through the pre-requirements was a nightmare. I thought to myself, well I took all college prep courses in high school, this will be easy. Bio 102: was the class that I barely passed. It should have been a sign that I needed to step up my academics, but it wasn’t. I struggled with all other things as well as schooling such as meeting new friends, starting a new school, maintaining friends from high school and working.

Let’s start out with working: My mother made me work, she said “If you want to live at home free, you have to go to school & work.” I mean do you blame her? She wanted me to do well in school without the struggle of paying bills but she also wanted me to learn how to make my own money and gain work experience. Well, working part time ended up becoming full time. Problem number two: learning to say NO! I would get asked all the time if I could stay late or pick up an open shift constantly, and because I felt guilty I would say yes. Needless to say, this was another factor into why I wasn’t doing well in school. I worked way too much spending even more less time on school work.

Meeting new friends: Being at a new university as a “fresh-more” was difficult. I had some classes that were freshmen classes and some classes that were sophomore classes, because of what transferred over from the community college I went to. It was hard for me to make friends. I didn’t live on campus so I knew nobody, I was also very shy. Which makes this process of meeting friends difficult. As the years rolled on by I met a few friends, non that stayed but that’s okay. Because it’s not about how many friends you have but how many are there for you no matter what. Problem 3: being too shy leads to missing out on a lot. It’s something I still have to work on today but it’s slowly improving.

Starting a new school: This one coincides with the last one in some ways. It’s like in the movies when your parents make you move and you have to start at a new school, except this was totally my fault. I wanted to transfer to a university, it was my choice not to meet friends. However, I was able to earn my bachelors of science rather than a certificate that I was originally heading towards.

Maintaining friends from high school: Another factor leading into why I didn’t put my academics first… well since I wasn’t making friends in school, I had to maintain relationships with my high school friends. This meant having to be free whenever they were free. I didn’t want to miss out on fun things in life and be tied down to school work. Well that’s something I wish the me today told myself back then was that if they are your true friends they will understand that education is important and that it should come before having fun.

Like I said, I wasn’t going to make this a pitty party full of regrets. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened during my 4 years at school because in the end I have grown and matured into the woman that I am today. As cliche as that sounds, it’s true. All of these struggles have made me into a strong young lady. I am happy with where I am in life currently and I look back on this as part of my journey through life.

What I hope that you take away from this!

Just know if you set your mind to something you will finish; even if it takes you longer than you anticipated! That everything that goes on in your life whether good or bad is an experience. How you take it is up to you. My wish is that you take it as a learning lesson.



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