Could you go 5 days without social media?

Hi my lovely readers!

I recently came across a Youtuber Lucie Fink; whom I have been watching for a while now. She’s very inspirational and I have recently watched this video she made  “5 days of no social media”.


How many of you are always on social media? Are you always checking up on the new trends and funny videos? Are you the type to search through Facebook and when you’re finished you exit out of it, do you open it up right after? I know I do it….

This video has really inspired me. I am constantly on social media looking at different fashion trends, makeup, life posts, traveling posts. I love posting my photos in which I can gain an audience for my photography business, essentially using it as a platform to express my art. The same goes for YouTube, I use it to express my creative side, editing videos and sharing bits of pieces of my life.

But, it’s not always fun and games… Lately I have been catching myself getting jealous of the people I follow. The ones that are on vacation somewhere warm, having all of this free time to do what they want to do, or spend money on makeup and clothes while I am stuck in school and struggling to make it through a day without crying because of the amount of homework I have or how stressed I am that I have to work the night before an exam. I have been noticing it lately that it doesn’t bring happiness to me. When I see someone’s photo of them at the beach I am supposed to be happy for them not be jealous and hateful at the fact that they can go to the beach. It puts me into an even bigger hole of depression. I compare the accomplishments of others to my own and that’s not what I am supposed to be feeling.

Another thing that I have been doing is that it’s to the point where I am in the middle of doing homework and catch myself back on social media not even two minutes after figuring out a problem or finishing a paragraph on an essay. It’s bad. I have come so far in school that messing it up now would be awful. After I got my exam back from last week and seeing the grade that I indeed deserve, really upset me. I know that I can’t blame my studying habits strictly on social media because I was sick last week and spent most of my days in bed, but it’s something that subconsciously I want to change.

I am going to make this subconscious thought into reality. I have been sucked into the millennial life and I can’t even lie about it. How many other people could live without social media for 5 days? Because of Miss Lucie Fink, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to do a cleanse. I am going to try this challenge starting Monday Feb 29th (When you see this I’ll be in the middle of my cleanse). I in courage others to do the same! I plan to make a blog post of what happened & the feelings I felt.

I hope that everyone tries this out and if not for 5 days try it for 1 day! I’d love to hear what others think of this!

See you next Wednesday!



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