Behind The Scenes Part 2: Photo Shoot

Hey All! Remember back in March when I said that there would be a part 2 of mine and Moryah’s photo shoot? Well, it’s FINALLY here!

We were finally able to set up a time to do a part two of our photo shoot and the weather was perfect! It was such a nice spring day; not too hot and not too cold! I was able to wear shorts in this photo shoot that’s how warm it was! It started getting a little chilly towards the end of our shoot we still made the most of it! Along with this blog post, here’s the link to the video from today’s shoot!

Let’s talk about the theme & why we chose it

If you know Moryah and I, you know that we’re always doing photo shoots… well this time we decided to step out of our comfort zone and instead of the typical outfit shoots we decided to do a post apocalyptic twist. Moryah has been watching or has watched The 100, which is where she got the idea from!

On top of the weather being awesome, the sun kept going in and out of the clouds which gave us great lighting! I love cloudy days with just a peek of the sun here and there. Makes for some cool shots especially with where we are aiming more towards the darker side of lighting.

M A K E  U P

We decided to go heavy on the makeup this time around instead of the typical everyday makeup. This time we decided to go onto Pinterest and find something more “end of the world” themed. The look above is what Moryah decided to go with. I decided to go more tribal, with some dark under eyes, smokey eye, and harsh lines on my cheek bones with a white line on each cheek and two dots below them.


The location we chose was actually a previous location from a past photo shoot; Madame Sherri in Chesterfield, N.H. We have actually been here quite a few times but this time a little different. We were able to utilize more of the location then just the stairs and we wandered behind the stairs. I think it’s always a good idea to go back to previous locations especially at different season, you can get so many cool shots. Not only different seasons, but going at different times during the day.


Moryah and I decided to use props in this photo shoot! We ended up raiding her brothers room for some props because well we don’t have any type of props for this shoot. Sometimes it’s good to have brothers – then you can borrow their things! We ended up finding a gas mask, some knives, and a hatchet. I also decided to use my gun as a prop as well. A little disclaimer: of course it was used in a safe manor and it wasn’t loaded nor did it have any bullets in the case. I know about gun safety as should you if you choose to use a real weapon!



You’re going to be very surprised but most of the stuff that we’re wearing was purchased at Goodwill! It’s something we’ve recently discovered which is purchasing clothes from a thrift store. Since we do photo shoots often we decided to go thrifted. It’s cheaper and if we like what we’ve purchased we can always wear them whenever. Another cheap option for buying outfits for photo shoots is to shop in the sales. For example, the pants in my photo are from Target only $12.99!

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