Behind the Scenes of Our Photo Shoots

                                            BEHIND THE SCENES OF OUR PHOTO SHOOTS

Hey all!!

Boy, has it been a while; I have been very busy. If you have been following me for a couple months, you know that Adam and I are in the market for a house. With that the job hunt is still going on, which I am not having the best of luck, however, I am thankful enough to be able to pick up the extra shifts at my current job. It’s enough hours for now so that I can put some money away, with that being said, that’s where I have been; working! I also haven’t really had any motivation to blog. I do have a post that will be coming later this week – so stay tuned!

This post is more about the past photo shoot Moryah and I had! We vlogged a little bit of it also, if you want to check it out here!

Lately, we’ve been trying to plan out our photo shoots, most times it doesn’t follow through and we end up winging it. Our goal for this year is to plan them out, sit down one day prior to the shoot and just talk about it before we go. The only problem is that we love candids and just doing things spontaneous so some how we’re going to incorporate that into our shoots with a little planning. Speaking of which, we have a TON of places that we want to go to this summer – I will most likely make a bucket list for Summer 2017 post in the near future.

This place is a hidden treasure in our home town – Moryah found it on a whim! It’s definitely going to be our new spot! It was very windy this day so we only got a couple shots here because the water was not doing us a favor!

I can not wait until spring or summer and to go back to this place! I have so many photo shoot ideas that I want to do here! Thanks, Moryah for stopping & finding this place 🙂


We decided to go back to a spot that we have already taken photos at… except change the angles and poses around. It was also a cloudy and gloomy day the last time we were here so that also gave us differently lighting!


After this spot – we got hungry… well that’s a lie, we were hungry from the start but we knew that we wanted to do a couple of shots on the way to where we wanted to have lunch. So we stuck it out until then! We spent a little too much time getting ready and trying to figure out the first set of photos that we didn’t have much time after lunch.

Of course after our lunch we needed some coffee to stay warm! We decided to go into the park behind starbs, this is our normal spot that we have exhausted quite a bit, however, we found this fence in a parking lot that’s next to the park. We decided to incorporate this fence into our photo shoot!

Even though this is only part 1 of this photo shoot, we got a few good shots!! Our second one will be on a day that we will definitely plan out, it’s a bit of a different type of photo shoot! I will make a post about it when we get a free moment to do so!! 🙂 For now, I am extremely pleased with how these came out!




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